All our produced products comply with International Standard:
(ACI) American Concrete Institute
(BS) British Standard
We are also a member of the following organization:
 American Concrete Institute
 Yemen Chamber of Commerce
 - Site Information
        Work Area:               22,000 sq.m.
 - Storage Capacity
        Cement                 :       620  tons
        Coarse Aggregate:     2,400 cu.m.
        Fine Aggregates   :     1,400 c.u.m
 - Production Capacity
        We can produced and deliver to 4 different sites of up to 600 m3
of concrete  ready-mixed per day.
nBatching & Mixing Plant
      This is mainly use for the production of ready-mixed concrete. We have two Batching and Mixing Plant and both of them has a star-type arrangement of batcher and radial scraper that gives a large aggregate storage capacity and a good segregation of grain size, due to the partition walls, reasonable height. The discharge openings with the batching gates are located in the bottom of the storage area, it is were the aggregates passes through and collected by the feeder in which it is weighed before going to the mixer. We have 6 cement silos with a total capacity of 535 tons, to ensure optimum stock of cement. The cement is collected via a screw  conveyor then weighed. All the raw  materials will be mix in our Stetter twin shaft compulsory mixer for Plant model H1.5 or the Stetter Pan Mixer for Plant Model H1, which are located in front of the operators stand in order for the operator to supervise all batching and mixing. The water meter
ensure that only the exact water content needed for the mix will be supplied. All operation on this Plant is done by a semi-automatic system.
nTruck Mixer
        The delivery of your concrete ready-mixed depends on this machinery. We make sure that a fast, efficient and with good care during delivery. The quality and quantity of concrete ready-mixed delivered are up to your satisfaction.
nTruck-mounted Concrete Pumps
             We have the biggest Concrete pump in Yemen. It can pump up concrete to a height of 42 meter and to a depth of approx. 27.8 meter, meaning you will save time and money in your construction. All of our concrete pumps are made in Germany and manufactured by Schwing GmbH which is the worlds best in concrete pumping technology. Our experienced concrete pump operators will pump your concrete ready-mixed were it belongs.
nConcrete Vibrators
       We have concrete vibrators, for the use on site with our highly trained technicians during the delivery of your concrete ready-mixed to ensure you of good quality concrete.
Concrete Precast Blocks
nProduct Information
        MIX       CEMENT       AGGREGATE        COMPRESSIVE         SLUMP TEST
                     CONTENT                                STRENGTH AFTER  
                       (kg/m3)             (mm)             28 days (kg/cm2)               (mm)
            A           400                  20                           300                           80
            B           350                  20                           250                           80
            C           300                  20                           200                           80
            D           250                  20                           150                           80
            E           200                  20                           100                           80
We can also mix your own requested mixture with or without admixture.
Precast Beams, Arches & Pipes
nProduct Information
Concrete Block              Size (cm)
       Type             Width  Length  Height
Hollow Multi Hole     20     40       20
Hollow Multi Hole     15     40       20
Hollow Multi Hole     10     40       20
Hollow Two Hole      19     39       19
Hollow Two Hole      15     39       19
Hollow Two Hole      10     39       19
Solid                            20     40       20
Solid                            15     40       20
Solid                            10     40       20

                                           Length     No of steel reinforcement   Dia,of  bar
                                             100                    4                             10 mm
                                             110                    4                             10 mm
                                             120                    4                             10 mm
                                             130                    4                             10 mm
                                             140                    4                             10 mm
                                             150                    4                             10 mm
                                              50                    2                             10 mm
                                              60                    2                             10 mm
                                              80                    2                             10 mm
                                            100                    2                             10 mm
                                            120                    2                             10 mm
      (Widths available  for the beams & arches are either 15 or 20 cm and the compressive strength is 250kg / sq.cm 
      Code           Diameter               Weight of steel              Wall Thickness
                              (cm)                 Reinforcement(kg/p)             (cm)
      P6000              60                                    4.51                       6.5
      P6001              60                                   10.51                      6.5
      P6011              60                                   14.12                      6.5
      P7500              75                                     4.26                      7.5
      P7501              75                                   19.65                      7.5
      P9001              90                                   23.90                  13.80
      P9002              90                                   39.29                  13.80
    The length of all pipes are 100 cm and the compressive strength is 250 kg/sq.cm.
        I our Laboratory, we have more than 25 cube making equipment to facilitate all needed concrete testing and a vibrator, curing basing with thermostat control in order to get the exact compressive strength of the ready-mixed concrete. We can also test your concrete in site by our non destructive testing equipment. All our testing equipment's conforms with the American, British and German Standards.
Sand Screening Machine
     All the sands used in our produced concrete are first screened by our sand screening machine, this will eliminate the irregularities of the fine aggregate.
nCrusher for Aggregates
      We have our own aggregates crusher for all stone sizes as per your company’s 
















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